Postcard cocktails

We are very proud of all of our venues; we think they're some of the world's best bars. We put an inordinate amount of effort into getting them right - finding the right team, training, making our own ingredients, trying all the brands to see what works best in our mixed drinks and carefully balancing the menus to offer a mix of flavours and styles. 

We also recognise that there are many other amazing bars around the world! We've even been privileged enough to drink in quite a few of them! This got us thinking - what if we could give our guests a little taste of what they have to offer, and a nudge in the right direction should they ever be visiting one of those locations. 

After talking to some bartending friends around the globe (the drinks industry is a wonderful community!), it seems we not the only ones that thought it was a good idea, and The Hide Bar's Guest Cocktail postcard series was born. 

Each month The Hide features a postcard and a cocktail from one of the world's best bars. We make that drink to the exact specifications that the bar itself does, even down to the glassware and garnish (this is no small feat in some cases!). 

The first 'postcard' is from The Jerry Thomas Project in Rome. This brilliant modern speakeasy is an ode to Jerry Thomas himself, and as you'd expect, focusses on the pre-prohibition classics (but with a distinct Italian flavour). It has featured in the World's 50 Best Bars list for the last three years, and is a must-visit should you find yourself in Rome and in need of refreshment! If you find yourself in London rather than Rome, however, you can still get a taste of what they offer with The Improved Aviation - our first postcard: 

Next up, starting on the last week of August, will be a truly special drink from The Clumsies in Athens. A new entry in The World's 50 Best Bars list this year, The Clumsies are pushing all the boundaries of cocktail creativity in Greece! 

Whilst 'Ebony' looks like a nice easy three ingredient drink, trust us when we say there's nothing easy about knocking up those special ingredients! We're prepped and ready though, and can't wait for the next postcard to hit the bar later this month - not to mention the others we've got lined up for the future! 

Any favourite bars around the globe you'd like to see featured? Got an amazing drink at your amazing bar that you'd like to share (we'd love to exchange a house special to put on your own list) do get in touch!